Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapy (OT) is a “doing therapy” that focuses on assisting individuals in improving their health and well-being through personally meaningful activities. JTP’s Occupational Therapy Program provides individual and group intervention, as well as support and training for JTP staff. The Occupational Therapist works with individuals within the agency to identify goals, strengths, and challenges, and then partners with them to find creative solutions. Peers have found OT to be a unique, fun, and rewarding experience. Staff have appreciated an objective supporter who can help them perform their best as workers. The OT program also includes at least four level II interns who complete a 3-month full-time unpaid internship, and who provide additional hours of service provision under the guidance and supervision of a licensed Occupational Therapist.

What is OT?

Occupational Therapy is a “doing” therapy that promotes healthy living in everyday life. Occupational Therapists use a strengths-based approach to partner with individuals to develop valued roles, skills, and activities in the following areas:
• developing hobbies or interests
• physical fitness
• nutrition/healthy eating
• building a support network
• increasing social participation
• utilizing community resources
• community access and transportation
• work preparedness and professional skills
• communication
• time management
• stress management
• organization
• money management
• spirituality

What is OT doing at JTP?

At Jefferson Transitional Programs (JTP), Occupational Therapy works as a support at all levels of the agency:

• Assisting peer participants in achieving quality of life goals
- developing health-promoting habits and routines
- accessing community resources
- returning to school
- work preparedness
- job retention
- developing leisure interests
- building supports and developing healthy relationship skills

• Partnering with individual staff to optimize professionalism and work skills
- assertive communication
- organization
- planning and preparedness
- boundaries
- self-care

• Developing ongoing staff trainings that promote professional development
- Developing a monthly facilitator support meeting to provide a space and time to share ideas and problem-solve challenges – Creating a “Professional Skills Guide” to provide a consistent standard of practice across multiple service centers – Collaborating with Loma Linda University Occupational Therapy students to develop a quarterly basic facilitator skills training

• Supporting Recovery Arts Corps workforce development
- Training peer artists in developing the art of their choice into a structured, replicable curriculum – Offering ongoing support for developing professional skills and behaviors

• Enriching Recovery Education Program
- developing training and supports for facilitators

• Consulting with Executive Team
- assessing and identifying individual staff challenges
- offering recommendations for supporting work performance while upholding high expectations
- collaborating around program development projects

What are people saying about OT at JTP?

“That was the most fun I’ve had all day!” – Peer Participant, after an OT session
“I’m learning to develop mutually supportive relationships, and I’m doing more things socially.” – Peer Participant
“[OT] has given me strategies for improving my anxiety.” – Staff Member
“I have seen individuals improve greatly—in particular in the areas of organization, addressing issues/problems, leaving personal problems outside of work, and identifying what they like about work, which influences their motivation and dedication.” – Staff member


OT also partners with Loma Linda University and University of Southern California’s Occupational Therapy Departments to collaborate around program development, and to offer a clinical fieldwork in which OT interns learn about wellness recovery while assisting in further developing the program. JTP’s Occupational Therapy Program has been made possible by the generous support of Riverside Community Health Foundation, which provides and facilitates programs and services to improve the health of the residents within Riverside, California.