Peer Employment Training

In order to ensure excellent and local peer leadership and expertise in the mental health system, JTP is dedicated to developing the peer support workforce. Since the spring of 2006, JTP has contracted with Riverside County Department of Mental Health to provide Peer Employment Training. This 70-hour, college- equivalent class (developed by the highly respected Recovery Innovations in Phoenix) is designed to prepare peers for competitive employment as Peer Support Specialists by building on their personal experience. Pertinent topics covered in the course include the following:

  • Learn the Importance of Ethics and Boundaries
  • Remembering the Importance of Good Listening
  • Disagreeing Without Argument
  • Dealing with Anger

In addition, peers participate in 10-hours of role play while the instructor observes and provides feedback. Peer are also tested throughout to determine their level of competency and mastery.


Contact Teresa Taylor at (951) 686-5484 or for more information.